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An energetic man who explains that “I mould the future of every player by teaching MMA selflessly and thereby helping them to design a successful story in their life” He is a Martial Artist who has dedicated his life to the art and aspires to pass on his knowledge of the traditional martial art throughout the world. The champion with a multi-faceted talent proudly exclaims that “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” The master’s foray of achievements is never ending. For him the word ‘Impossible’ is always unknown Siva Veera practices, teaches the way of studies towards Varmakalai, a form of yoga of the Tirumular family of yoga which is focussed on therapeutic yoga and asana's.

Everlast Brave Warriors it is a health fitness boxing, Muaythai, mixed martial art page. To creat a awareness, to know everyone are true brave hearts.

TNPESU - Certified Gym fitness & yoga instructor. Sathish is the International Fighter, his Brave Warrior Training center located at Virugambakkam, Chennai. yoga, stress Management, Meditation, breathing exercises, self-defense and scientific fighting program. The Aim of this Training center is to promote, spread Safety, Health and promote effective Self defense training system. I did successfully train silambam, And received black belt certificate from, Master Ganesh (sub-inspector of police) and great martial art instructor. ( i feel great to learn one of the ancient martial art and our traditional identity so called silambam. which has no alternate for this on art)

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